Memorandum of Coverage

Memorandum of Coverage

The Risk Management Branch (RMB) of the Ministry of Finance in British Columbia has a mandate to be accountable for the effective management of risk to which the government or its funded agencies are exposed by virtue of their assets, programs and operations. RMB has multiple self-insurance programs that protect its funded agencies; one of which is the Health Care Protection Program (HCPP) which covers publically funded Health Care Agencies in British Columbia. The financial strength of the HCPP actuarially sound program of self-insurance is equal to the BC Government’s, as expressed in the ratings received from the major rating agencies located at HCPP is operated within the Insurance and Risk Management Account (IRMA) which is a special account established under the Financial Administration Act, and controlled by RMB.

RMB’s Coverage Agreements are similar to policies provided by commercial insurance markets.

Effective April 1, 2018 RMB will no longer be issuing general liability certificates granting Additional Interest status. In lieu of single use certificates, a Memorandum of Coverage (MoC) has been issued which automatically grants Additional Interest status to a party when contractually required. HCPP clients no longer need to request general liability certificates of insurance as a MoC is now available. A list of Health Care Agencies that are covered by HCPP is included as Schedule A of the MoC.

2023 Memorandum of Coverage

2024 Memorandum of Coverage

Recipients of MoC - Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

HCPP Health Care Agencies – Please review the Program Bulletin outlining this new process.