Reporting a Construction Claim

Reporting a Construction Claim

All incidents, claims or losses on the Construction Site should be immediately reported by email and sent to:

Please use: “New BC Gov’t Construction Program Claim to be Reported*” as the subject line of your email and provide the following details:

  1. Location of loss
  2. Date of loss
  3. Description of loss (including estimated cost of repairs, if known)
  4. Provide damage photos (if available)
  5. Describe the project as a “new build” or “renovation”
  6. Provide the certificate number assigned to the project

Please copy (cc) your HCPP Risk Consultant when sending your email to the Marsh Claim Department.

*If you don’t use the subject line noted above, the email may go to the incorrect department at Marsh, and this may delay the claims process.

If damage is caused to property that is not part of the construction project (i.e., a pipe is damaged during construction and water flows down from the construction project site to another floor in the building), if the damaged property is owned by the Health Care Agency (HCA), please also report the loss to

If damaged property is not owned by the HCA, you will need to report the loss to the property owner. Any third parties impacted by a construction related loss should report these incidents to their own insurer.

Reporting a Construction Claim PDF