The Risk Management Branch (RMB) is the central agency responsible for providing risk management and insurance advice to BC ministries and the broader provincial public sector. RMB has negotiated with representatives from the construction industry, including architects and engineers, to develop insurance and indemnification terms for a variety of Canadian Construction Document Committee (CCDC) template contracts including the CCDC 2 –2020, the recommended form of contract for new construction and/or renovations. RMB has also arranged an owner-controlled course of construction and wrap-up liability insurance program (the Provincial Construction Insurance Program, PCIP) for the ministries and provincial public sector including health, education, and crown corporations.

For health, all construction projects greater than $5,000,000 in value must be reported to HCPP.  HCPP will assist in placing insurance coverage in accordance with the PCIP. Premiums are payable by the HCA.  Projects less than $5,000,000 should usually be insured by the contractor, except in those cases where there are high-hazard or unusual exposures.

Please call HCPP for guidance on insurance for projects which are high hazard or have unusual exposures. Timely reporting of construction projects to HCPP is critical in managing the risks associated with construction as well as risks in the procurement and contracting stages.

The HCPP under $75MM Construction Application Form is available here. Please forward the completed application and required supplemental documents to six weeks prior to commencement of construction.