Risk Provisions - CCDC 5B (2010)

When the following Risk Management Branch (RMB) approved Risk Provisions are incorporated unchanged into the supplementary conditions of the CCDC 5B (2010) and the project’s value is less than $5 million, the indemnities in this agreement are blanket approved by the Executive Director of the Risk Management Branch.  This means you do not need to submit the agreement for approval each time it is used providing the indemnity language is unchanged.

CCDC 5B – 2010 Risk Provisions for Construction Manager at Risk Projects (Under $5 Million)

***The CCDC 5B (2010) is not blanket approved for projects over $5 Million***.

For projects over $5 million, please reach out to HCPP for risk provisions based on project value. For projects between $5 - $75 million, the insurance requirements in the risk provisions recommended by RMB will align with insurance coverage available through the Provincial Construction Insurance Program. 

Whenever a CCDC 5B is used for a project over $5 Million, indemnity approval must be received from the Executive Director of the Risk Management Branch prior to contract execution. An HCPP consultant will initiate the approval process when a successful proponent is named and the contract is in its final form.