The Health Care Protection Program (HCPP) originated and is administered and delivered by the Risk Management Branch (RMB) of the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. This self-insured program has been in existence since April 1, 1986 as a response to a hard insurance market (liability insurance crisis) of the mid 1980s. Originally it was known as the Hospitals Protection Program (HPP) and was administered by the BC Health Care Risk Management Society (BCHCRMS). The program included liability/medical malpractice coverage and was primarily directed at acute care hospitals and other approved long term care facilities. Regionalization in the mid to late 1990s resulted in an expansion of the Program and HPP became HCPP. By 2003, BCHCRMS was formally dissolved and administration of the Program was transferred to RMB.


Our mandate is to provide professional risk management services for our members including risk management, loss control, risk financing, and claims and litigation management to public Health Care Agencies (HCAs) across the Province.


Our core services are:

  • Coverage Administration including Claims and Litigation Management

The coverage agreements include the Health Care Property Agreement, Health Care Boiler and Machinery Agreement, Health Care Crime Agreement, Health Care Liability Agreement and Health Care Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Agreement and describe terms, conditions and limitations of protection afforded to covered Health Care Agencies (HCAs). In addition to providing claims and litigation management services relative to component coverages, HCPP also provides HCAs with direct advisory services relating to questions or situations that arise relative to coverage under the Program.

  • Risk Management Advisory and Education Services

The purpose of the Program’s risk management advisory service component is to assist in the identification, analysis, evaluation and management of risks. Advisory services are provided in a broad range of areas – as the direction of HCAs changes as a result of changes to the health care system and other initiatives. The Program’s advisory services have continually evolved to develop or bring in appropriate experience and expertise.

The service has four components:

  • Centralized Consultation

The Program provides guidance, advice and information regarding issues, problems or situations arising in the operations of the HCAs that constitute perceived or actual risk exposure

  • Risk Management Education

The Program organizes resources for the provision of basic and custom educational programming to HCAs on risk management topics, principles and practices. The services are organized to match expertise to specific audiences, care settings and desired topics.

  • Communications

The Program produces timely and "as needed" publications and other media related to the management of the Program, as well as communications relevant to risk, coverage, claims and operational issues faced by our members.

  • Loss Control Inspection Services

The Program currently contracts with Marsh Canada Inc. to provide loss control inspection services for most facilities.


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