Fire Security Protection System Impairment Reporting

Notice of Change

Updated April 27, 2021

Effective April 15, 2021


The Health Care Protection Program (HCPP) has a number of means to assist clients in minimizing risks to their assets. One of these is Fire Protection Impairment Notice. Like most commercial insurers, HCPP asks that any and all impairments be reported before they occur, or when they are discovered. It is a responsibility of a Health Care Agency as a covered entity under the HCPP Property Agreement to report within 48 hours to HCPP of any known interruption to, flaw, or defect in any (a) sprinkler or other fire extinguishing system; or (b) fire detection system or intrusion system.

The aim of the Fire/Security Protection Impairment Notice is to help ensure that all appropriate measures are in place to ensure a heightened state of awareness during a system deactivation or impairment. By requiring written notice of impairment, those responsible for the impairments are reminded to take the necessary steps to mitigate against losses while the system is impaired and ensure it is re-activated in a timely manner and operating properly upon reactivation.

HCAs can notify HCPP directly of protection system impairment in one of two ways:

  • By completing the Fire Protection/Security System Impairment Notice found below and clicking "submit" on the form.
  • By printing and completing the Fire Protection/Security System Impairment Notice and sending directly by email:


Fire Protection/Security System Impairment Notice