HCPP.org is currently unavailable due to maintenance.

The HCPP website is unavailable as we work to remediate a security risk identified through routine maintenance. We anticipate the website will be operational mid-February 2019. In the meantime, we have provided online access to staff contact information and a select number of frequently requested documents (e.g. Memorandum of Coverage, Employed Professionals Coverage Letter, Incident Reporting Forms, Construction Insurance Application, and frequently requested guidance documents). Your patience is appreciated during remediation. If you have specific concerns, please contact HCPP at HCPP@gov.bc.ca

Proof of Coverage

Memorandum of Coverage 2018
Memorandum of Coverage 2019
Memorandum of Coverage – FAQ’s
Employed Professionals Coverage Letter 2018
Employed Professional Coverage Letter 2019

Reporting Forms

Liability Claim Reporting Form
Property Claim Reporting Form
Construction Coverage Application
Construction Application Form for Projects under $75M
Construction Application Form for Projects over $75M
Additional Site Reporting Form
Fire Protection System Impairment Notice

Risk Notes

HCPP Coverage for Buildings and Decision Tool
Police Requests for Blood Samples (Updated October 2018)
Risk Note List

Guidance Documents

CCDC 2 2008 – Supplementary Conditions for Owner Insured Projects
CCDC 2 2008 – Supplementary Conditions for Contractor Insured Project
Insurance Matrix

Social Services Group Liability Program (SSGLP)

For SSGLP info please click here.

HCPP Contact Information


Megan Arsenault, Sr. RM Consultant   778-698-5717   Megan.Arsenault@gov.bc.ca
Cheryl FitzSimons, RM Consultant   778-698-5739   Cheryl.FitzSimons@gov.bc.ca
Dragana Kosjer, RM Consultant   778-698-5746   Dragana.Kosjer@gov.bc.ca
Milaine Moen, Sr. RM Consultant   778-698-5737   Milaine.Moen@gov.bc.ca
Darren Nelson, RM Consultant   778-698-5746   Darren.Nelson@gov.bc.ca
Sharon White, Director   778-698-5738   Sharon.P.White@gov.bc.ca
HCPP General Mailbox   HCPP@gov.bc.ca
RMB Reception (general line)   250-356-1794   RMB@gov.bc.ca


Suzanne Armour, Sr. Claims Examiner   778 698-5753   suzanne.armour@gov.bc.ca
Kash Basi, Sr. Claims Examiner / Legal Counsel   778-698-5734   kash.basi@gov.bc.ca
Rossana Cleriti, A/Sr. Claims Clerk 778-698-5751   rossana.cleriti@gov.bc.ca
Kirsten Coupe, Sr. Claims Examiner / Legal Counsel   778-698-5713 kirsten.coupe@gov.bc.ca
Roberta Flett, Sr. Claims Examiner   778 698-5750   roberta.flett@gov.bc.ca
Kevin Kitson, Sr. Claims Examiner / Legal Counsel   778-698-5735   kevin.kitson@gov.bc.ca
Kim Oldham, Director   778-698-5733   kim.oldham@gov.bc.ca
Margo Piikkila, Sr. Claims Examiner   778 698-5749   margo.piikkila@gov.bc.ca
Michael Robinson, Claims Examiner   778 698-7554   michael.w.robinson@gov.bc.ca
Grant Warrington, Sr. Claims Examiner / Legal Counsel   778 698-5723   grant.warrington@gov.bc.ca


RMB Reception (general line)   250-356-1794   RMB@gov.bc.ca
Claims Fax   250-356-0661
Claims General Mailbox   RMBClaims@gov.bc.ca